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Responsibility of operator and nursing home administrator; quality assurance committee; notice to residents – Ohio Admin. Code 3701-17-06

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“Responsibility of operator and nursing home administrator; quality assurance committee


An operator is in charge of the overall operation of the nursing home and appoints an administrator who is responsible for daily operation, implementation of policies, and ensuring the competence of employees.


Each nursing home must establish and maintain a quality assurance committee, which must meet quarterly to do the following:

  • Systematically monitor and evaluate the quality of care and quality of life provided in the home;
  • Review and investigate incidents and accidents that have occurred in the home, including those related to the use of restraints;
  • Identify problems and trends; and
  • Develop and implement appropriate plans of action to correct identified problems.


The records of the quality committee meetings are not required to be disclosed to the director of health although the director verifies protocol and quality assurance of the performance of the committee through interviews with the committee members and as necessary, direct care staff.

Current as of June 2015