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Cancer reporting – Wis. Stat. Ann. § 255.04

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Hospitals, physicians, and certified laboratories are required to report cases of cancer to the state through the Wisconsin Cancer Reporting System (WCRS), according to procedures prescribed by the DHS.  The Department may also collect information relating to the patient’s occupation in order to determine public safety and occupational risks for cancer.  Any patient identifying information must be kept confidential and cannot be disclosed except to a central or national tumor registry or a cancer researcher if certain conditions are met.  The Department may charge a reasonable fee for disclosure of information to a researcher. 

Any information disclosed to an individual must comply with certain requirements about the information.  The individual researcher must use the information solely for research purposes.  He/she cannot disclose information to anyone not conducting research and cannot disclose the identity of the cancer patient.  Violations of this provision may be liable to the patient for costs and damages, plus $1,000 in damages for negligent disclosure or $5,000 for intentional disclosure.  Intentional violation of this provision can lead to a fine of not more than $15,000, a year in jail, or both.  A person who violates this provision may also be required to forfeit $100 per violation, to be assessed directly by the Department.

Current as of June 2015