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18 Vermont Statutes §702 - Blueprint for Health; strategic plan under the health law

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“Blueprint for Health; strategic plan under the health law”

The commissioner of Vermont Health Access must establish a committee to advise the director of the Blueprint on creating a strategic plan for the development of the statewide system of chronic care and prevention.

The director of the Blueprint must convene a payer implementation work group to design the medical home and community health team enhanced payments.

The Blueprint implements the following principles:

  • The primary care provider should serve a central role in the coordination of care and be compensated appropriately for this effort;
  • Local service providers should be used and supported;
  • Transition plans should be developed by all involved parties to ensure a smooth and timely transition from the current model to the Blueprint model of health care delivery and payment;
  • Implementation of the Blueprint should be accompanied by payment to providers sufficient to support care management activities consistent with the Blueprint; and
  • Interventions designed to prevent chronic disease and improve outcomes for persons with chronic disease should target specific chronic disease risk factors and address changes in individual behavior, the physical and social environment, and health care policies and systems.

The Blueprint for Health must include technical assistance for a patient-centered medical home, community health teams, and a model for uniform payment for health services by health insurers, Medicaid, Medicare, and other entities that encourage the use of the medical home and the community health teams.

The Blueprint for Health must include the adoption and maintenance of clinical quality and performance measures to be reported by health care professionals, providers, or health insurers and used to assess the impact of the Blueprint for health and cost outcomes. All clinical quality and performance measures must be reviewed for consistency with those used by the Medicare program. 

Current as of June 2015