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MD Health Code § 19-207 - Powers and duties of commission

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The State Health Services Cost Review Commission is an independent commission that operates within the Department of Health according to MD Health Code § 19-202.  The Commission may:

  • Adopt rules to carry out statutory provisions;
  • Create committees and appoint advisory committees;
  • Accept and apply for funds;
  • Make agreements with grantors or payors;
  • Publish and give out information related to the financial aspects of health care that is part of the public interest;

The Commission’s duties include:

  • Adopting rules related to meetings and minutes;
  • Keeping minutes of meetings;
  • Preparing an annual budget;
  • Prepare a report from the information filed with the Commission;
  • Periodically participate in and do analysis related to:
    • Health care costs
    • Financial status of a facility
    • Other appropriate matters.

The Commission must submit an annual report to the Governor, Secretary, and General Assembly on the activities undertaken.  The Commission may also impose penalties for failure to report.

Current as of June 2015