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Medical Peer Review in Minnesota

            Minnesota does not have extensive regulations regarding peer review information.  The state does allow a person who has knowledge of physician conduct that may constitute a violation of the Medical Board’s disciplinary rules to report this to the Board.  It is worth noting that the reporting is permissive.1  However, the reporting requirement is mandatory of physicians or residents who believe the conduct of another physician or resident constitutes a violation of disciplinary rules.2  A hospital, clinic, prepaid health plan, or any other health care institution or entity in the state is required to report to the Board any action taken by the institution to revoke, suspend, or restrict a physician’s privilege to practice or treat patients in that institution.  Insurers who provide malpractice insurance to providers must also report information about malpractice claims that have been settled or awards that have been paid out to plaintiffs to the Board on a quarterly basis.3

            The state also imposes confidentiality requirements on data and health information obtained by a peer review organization.4  However, peer review organizations are permitted to share information or records for incident reporting systems and for adverse health care event reporting provided that the information does not identify patients individually.  A peer review organization may also release non-patient identifying aggregate trend data on medical error injuries and file adverse health care event reports without violating the confidentiality requirements of this law.5



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Medical Peer Review in Minnesota

Subtopic Statute/Regulation Description
Medical Peer Review M.S.A. §145.64 Confidentiality of records of review organization Data and information obtained by a peer review organization must remain confidential.  The...
M.S.A. §147.111 Reporting Obligations Minnesota has a permissive reporting law with regard to violation of Medical Board disciplinary rules.  A person with...