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Wis. Admin. Code DHS §88-09 - Records - Licensed Adult Family Homes

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This law requires that a licensee running an adult family home maintain a record for each resident, and that these records be kept in a secure location within the home to prevent unauthorized access.  The law requires that these records be maintained confidentially, and only the resident, the resident’s guardian, authorized representatives of DHS and other persons/entities with resident's written consent can access a resident's records.  The licensee is required to retain these records for at least 7 years after the resident’s departure from the home, and must keep them in a safe and dry place.
The law requires that the licensee make copies of a resident's record available to him/her upon request as soon as reasonably possible and not charge the resident more than the cost of the reproduction.  The law lists a number of items that must be included in the record, and these items include, but are not limited to: biographical information, medical insurance information, service agreement, report of medical examination, service plan, medication orders, etc.
Further, the law specifies the kind of personnel records a licensee must maintain, and for how long they must be retained.

Current as of June 2015