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Wis. Admin. Code DHS §36-18 - Consumer Service Records - Community Services for People with Mental Disorder and Substance Abuse Issues

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This law requires that comprehensive community services program (CCS) maintain consumer service records for each consumer in compliance with HIPAA, and other relevant laws related to confidentiality of health information.  The CCS is requires to maintain the service record in a central location and the record must include enough information to show that CCS understands the consumer’s needs and desired outcomes. 
The law requires that the following information be included in the record: results of assessment, service plans, authorization of services statement, any request by the consumer for a change in services or service provider and the response by CCS, service delivery information, list of current prescription medication, signed consent forms for disclosure of information and for treatment, legal documents addressing commitment and advanced directives, discharge summary, and any other information that is appropriate.

Current as of June 2015