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Wash. Rev. Code § 70.28.010

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Reporting of Cases of Tuberculosis

All practicing health care providers are required to report to the local health department every case of a patient having tuberculosis within one day of diagnosis, as well as additional patient status reports every three months thereafter, or as requested.  The local health department must receive and keep a record of the reports for a period of ten years.  These records are not open to public inspection, but must be submitted to the proper inspection of other local health departments and the state Department of Health.

With respect to cases of tuberculosis, local health departments must keep a register of all persons infected with the disease that includes that patient’s identification, clinical condition, epidemiology of the disease, and frequency of examinations.  The department must all impose isolation of patients with tuberculosis in an infectious stage if that person does not observe precautions to prevent the spread of the disease. 

Related Laws: Wash. Rev. Code § 70.28.020; Wash. Rev. Code § 70.05.090; Wash. Admin. Code § 246-101-115

Current as of June 2015