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Wash. Rev. Code § 18.71.320

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Impaired physician program—Procedures

Washington has established the impaired physician program to provide assistance to physicians struggling with substance abuse. The non-profit organization that administers the program must (1) provide the commission with reports containing statistics on the activity of impaired physicians; (2) disclose to the commission information regarding investigations and reports; (3) Immediately report to the commission whenever an impaired physician is believed to be a threat to themselves or the public; and (4) report to the commission all instances when an impaired physician’s refusal to cooperate or failure to improve renders the physician unable to practice medicine.

The non-profit organization that administers the program may only release identifying information when submitting reports to the commission regarding a physician’s danger to themselves or the public or a physician’s inability to safely practice medicine. The non-profit organization must provide each physician that participates in the program with information on the program procedures, physician’s responsibility, and consequences for their failure to comply.

Related Laws: Wash. Rev. Code § 18.71.340

Current as of June 2015