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Wash. Admin. Code § 246-490-100

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Reporting of Pregnancy Terminations

Every facility where lawful induced abortions are performed during the first, second, or third trimester of pregnancy must, on forms supplied by the Department of Health, report to the department the number and dates of induced abortions performed during the previous month.  For each abortion, the facility must provide the age of the patient, geographic location of patient's residence, patient's previous pregnancy history, the duration of the pregnancy, the method of abortion, any complications, such as perforations, infections, and incomplete evacuations, the name of the physician or physicians performing or participating in the abortion and such other relevant information as may be required by the Secretary.  All physicians performing abortions in nonapproved facilities when the physician has determined that termination of pregnancy was immediately necessary because of a medical emergency, should also report in the same manner, and must provide a clear and detailed statement of the facts upon which he or she based his or her judgment of medical emergency

To ensure the accuracy and completeness in reporting, information received through filed reports may not be disclosed publicly in such a way that would identify any individual without their consent, except by subpoena, nor in such a way as to identify any facility except in a proceeding involving issues of certificates of approval.

Current as of June 2015