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Requirements for Medical Record Maintenance in Interactive Internet Medical Practice Sites – 844 Ind. Admin. Code 5-3-7

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Interactive internet medical practice sites are practice locations, and must clearly disclose to patients the following:

·        Uses and response times for e-mails, electronic messages, and other communications transmitted via the site

·        To whom patient health information may be disclosed and for what purpose

·        Rights of patients with respect to patient health information

·        Information collected and any passive tracking mechanisms utilized

·        The owner of the site

·        Specific services provided

·        Office address and contact information for the medical practice

·        Licensure and qualifications of the physician or physicians and associated health care providers

·        Fees for on-line consultation and services and how payment is to be made

·        Financial interests in any information, products or services

·        Appropriate uses and limitations of the site, including providing health advice and emergency health situations

Current as of June 2015