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Requirements for Confidentiality of Proceedings and Matters Allowed to be Disclosed – Ind. Code Ann.§34-30-15-1

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All proceedings, communications and records of a peer review committee must be confidential.  However, the governing board of a hospital, professional health care organization, preferred provider organization, or health maintenance organization may disclose the final action taken against a provider.  The peer review committee is also authorized to disclose the peer review committee’s communications, proceedings, records, and determinations, to the patient safety agency for purposes of patient safety and health care quality.  Any information disclosed to the patient safety agency is also privileged and confidential, and not subject to judicial proceedings.  The patient safety agency is permitted to use information from the peer review proceedings in a report, as long as the report does not identify the health care facility, provider, or patient.  The hospital is also permitted to report the determination of the peer review committee for adverse event reporting purposes, without violating the confidentiality requirements of the law. 

Related Laws: Ind. Code §34-30-15-2; Ind. Code §34-30-15-3; Ind. Code §34-30-15-21

Current as of June 2015