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Requirements for Certificates of Death and Stillbirth – Ind. Code Ann. § 16-37-3

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The individual in charge of interment of a stillborn child or dead body must file a certificate of death or of stillborn with the local health officer of the jurisdiction in which the death occurred.  This individual must then present the certificate of death to the physician last in attendance upon the deceased to certify the cause of death.  From the certificate, the local health officer shall make a permanent record of the name, sex, age, place of death and residence of the deceased.  The records are open to public inspection; however, the social security number must remain confidential.

Additionally, physicians, hospitals, sanitariums, health facilities, or similar organizations may provide information relating to the condition, treatment and causes of death concerning any person to the state health commissioner.  This information shall remain confidential, and may be used only for medical or scientific research and education, or for the improvement of the quality of medical care through the conducting of medical audits. 


Current as of June 2015