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Requirements for Access, Maintenance, and Requests for Health Records (Excluding Records for Mental Health, Communicable Diseases, and Drug and Alcohol Abuse) – Ind. Code Ann. § 16-39-1-1

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This section applies to all health records except mental health records, records regarding communicable diseases, and records pertaining to drug and alcohol abuse patient records. 

Upon written request and within reasonable time, a provider must give a patient the requested records.  Pursuant to Indiana and federal law, a provider must provide a patient with information regarding contact lenses, such as a the prescription upon a patient’s request.

Upon a patient’s request and within a reasonable time, provider must give the patient or patient’s representative a copy of the patient’s medical record or upon the patient’s request, specific portions of the medical record related to a certain condition.

A request for copies of a patient’s medical record is valid only for 60 days.

Current as of June 2015