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Reports of HIV infection, N.D. Cent Code § 23-07-02.1

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Reports of HIV infection -- penalty. 
Requires physicians that treat individuals with HIV/AIDS or an HIV/AIDS related illness to report the individual to the Department of Health. Requires persons that treat individuals with HIV/AIDS in a hospital, correctional facility, detention center, or other public or private institution to report the individual to the administrator of the facility. Limits further disclosure of such information to persons treating the individual with HIV/AIDs or as authorized by law. Requires facility administrators to report these individuals to the Department unless their physician has already submitted the report. HIV/AIDS reports must include the name of the person with HIV/AIDS, their date of birth, sex, address, and the name of the reporting physician or administrator. Clarifies that persons who report information to the Department in good faith are immune from civil or criminal liability arising out of the report.