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Report of blood tests; newborn screening program, A.R.S. § 36-694

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“Report of blood tests; newborn screening program; committee; fee; definitions”
Attending physicians, or other authorized persons, must report whether they tested a newborn or stillborn’s mother or umbilical cord for syphilis and the results of such test when reporting the birth or stillbirth. Such persons must order congenital screening tests—including hearing tests— for newborn infants and report the results of these tests to the department of health services.
The department of health services must create a newborn screening program in order to educate the public and professionals about newborn screening and ensure effective and efficient screening services. The newborn screening program must include a database that maintains screening results. Such results are confidential and may only be disclosed as authorized in A.R.S. § 12-2801 and 12-2802.
The newborn screening program must provide follow up services to any infant whose screening indicates that may have a congenital disorder or hearing loss. The director of the department of health services may impose fees for screening tests. These fees may not exceed $30 for the first specimen and hearing test.