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Psychiatric services in hospitals, N.D. Admin Code 33-07-01.1-36

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Psychiatric services in hospitals
Establishes licensure standards for psychiatric services in general acute hospitals that provide such services on an inpatient or outpatient basis. These standards address, among other items,  staffing qualifications, national accreditation, and required services. Requires hospitals to create a comprehensive individualized treatment plan in consultation with the patient and/or the patient’s family, guardian, or other appropriate persons and to include this plan in the patient’s medical record. Permits the plan to include restraints so long as they are justified in the patient’s medical record. Requires providers to review and update the treatment plan at least once every seven days and to document this review in the patient’s medical record. Requires hospitals to grant patients access to their treatment plan. Grants patients 13 rights (e.g., opportunities to exercise, visitation rights, the right to be free from research without consent, etc.). Requires hospitals to maintain medical records for psychiatric patients and specifies the content that must be documented within these records (e.g., diagnosis, observations, a treatment plan, etc.). Requires hospitals to maintain the confidentiality of psychiatric records. Prohibits primary care hospitals from providing psychiatric services.