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N.H. Rev. Stat. § 420-G:11-a

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Development of a Comprehensive Health Care Information System

The Department of Insurance and Department of Health and Human Services must enter into a memorandum of understanding to collaborate in the development of a comprehensive health care information system.  The memorandum must include the types of data sets to be included in the information system, criteria and procedures for the development of limited data sets, procedures to ensure HIPAA compliant limited data sets are accessible, and a proposed time frame for its establishment.  The data must be available to insurers, employers, providers, purchasers of health care, and state agencies to review health care utilization, expenditures in performance, to the extent allowed by HIPAA. Data that is presented to the public must be comparative across geographic regions, demographics, economic factors, and institutional size.  The health care information system must not disclose information that could identify any individual (known as “direct personal identifiers” under state law).

The Commissioner of the Department of Health and Human Services, with the approval of the Commissioner of the Insurance Department may allow for the release of claims data.

Current as of June 2015