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New Hampshire Code of Administrative Rules He-P §802.14

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“Duties and responsibilities of all licensees under the division of public health services regulations”

A hospital is responsible for meeting a variety of requirements including:

  • Complying with the patients’ bill of rights set forth in Revised Statutes of the State of New Hampshire §§ 151:19 to 151:21;
  • Ensuring that it complies with relevant health and safety requirements contained in federal, state and local laws;
  • Posting the following in a public area: inspection reports; a copy of the patients’ bill of rights; a copy of the hospital’s policies and procedures regarding the implementation of patient rights and responsibilities; the hospital’s plan for fire safety, evacuation, and emergencies;
  • Reporting all adverse events to the Department of Health and Human Services;
  • Providing copies of medical records to a patient or the patient’s guardian or agent upon request; and
  • Establishing writing policies and procedures regarding electronic records to protect the privacy of patients.

Current as of June 2015