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New Hampshire Code of Administrative Rules He-P § 810.14

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“Duties and responsibilities of the licensee under the division of public health services regulations”         

Birthing centers must meet various responsibilities including:

  • Having a written policy setting forth the rights and responsibilities of clients;
  • Considering all clients to be competent and capable of making health care decisions unless the client has a court-appointed guardian, has a durable power of attorney for health care, or is a minor;
  • Providing a client or their legal representative with a copy of his client record;
  • Birthing centers maintaining electronic records must develop a system were to protect the privacy of clients and staff including procedures for backing up files to prevent deletion, safeguards to ensure the confidentiality of information on clients and staff, and systems to prevent the tampering of information on clients and staff; and
  • Posting all inspection and investigation reports, their complaint procedures, and evacuation plan must be posted in a public area.



Current as of June 2015