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M.S.A. §72A.498

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Correction, amendment, or deletion of personal information

If an insured individual submits a written request that the insurance company modify, delete, or correct any personal information, the insurance company must within 30 days either correct, modify or delete the requested information or notify the individual of its decision not to correct, modify or delete the information, including the reason for the refusal. 

If the insurance company does in fact correct, modify or delete the requested information, the insurer must notify any entity designated by the individual who has received the information within 2 years.  The insurance company must also notify any insurance support organization of the change in personal information if it has received it within 7 years. 

If the individual’s request to correct, modify or delete information is not allowed, the individual must be able to submit a statement stating his or her own modifications, additions or deletions.  This statement must be included in the records.  Additionally, the individual has the option to appeal an adverse decision with the Commissioner of Health. 

Current as of June 2015