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Mich. Comp. Laws Ann. § 333.5721 - Birth defect reporting and record maintenance obligations, regulations, and guidelines

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It is a mandatory requirement that each diagnosed incidence of a birth defect, including congenital abnormalities or genetic disease be reported to State Department of Public Health.  The Department should have a statewide record of all information reported to the birth defect registry.  The reported information should remain confidential subject to the same rules as M.C.L.A. §333.2631.  The Department must have rules concerning:

a)      the list of all birth defects and diseases that are required to be reported;

b)      the way the reporting will occur;

c)      how the records will be maintained and the circumstances under which individually identifiable data can be released;

An individual cannot be forced to undergo a medical exam under this section. 

Related Laws:  M.C.L.A. §333.2631

Current as of June 2015