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Mich. Comp. Laws Ann. § 333.5111 - List of reportable diseases, infections, and disabilities; rules

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List of reportable diseases, infections, and disabilities; rules


The Department of Community Health (“Department”) must create a list that classifies diseases, infections, and disabilities as communicable, serious communicable, chronic, or noncommunicable. The Department may establish rules regarding the reporting and surveillance of any of these conditions. The rules may include requiring health professionals to report incidences of a disease, infection, or disability to the department within 24 hours of discovery. The rules may also authorize investigations of cases, epidemics, and occurrences of diseases. The department may establish rules that set procedures for controlling and preventing diseases and reporting cases of lead poisoning.


The Department must establish rules for keeping confidential reports, records, and data relating to the “testing, care treatment, reporting, and research” of communicable and serious communicable diseases and infections.

Current as of June 2015