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Mich. Comp. Laws Ann. § 333.2834 - Reporting obligations, regulations, and guidelines regarding fetal deaths

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Report of fetal death; time, form, and manner; prohibited information; report if dead fetus delivered in or outside institution; notice to medical examiner; investigation and report; use and disposition of confidential statistical reports; disclosure identifying biological parents prohibited; incorporation of records into system of vital statistics; certificate of stillbirth


Fetal deaths must be reported within 5 days of delivery.  The reporting form should not include names of the parents or other information that would identify the patients.  The report must be prepared by the individual in charge of the institution where the dead fetus is born or his or her authorized representative or if outside of an institution, the attending physician.  The reports are confidential that must only be used for medical and health purposes and should be incorporated into the vital statistics records.  Department employees should not disclose any statistical information to outside individuals if such disclosures would allow the identity of the biological parents to be revealed.  The State Department of Public Health must complete a certificate of stillbirth, which is based on a standardized national form.

Current as of June 2015