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Mich. Comp. Laws Ann. § 333.2619 - Cancer reporting and records maintenance obligations, regulations, and guidelines

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Each diagnosed case of cancer or tumorous and precancerous diseases must be reported to the State Department of Public Health or to a cancer registry established in accordance with the standards set by the Department. 

The Department must maintain complete records of all of the cancer reports and ensure the confidentiality of the reports submitted to the registry in accordance with M.C.L.A. §333.2631.   The director of the Department must establish rules for the cancer registry that provide for: 

a)      all of the diseases that must be reported;

b)      the way all of the diseases must be reported to the Department;

c)      the terms under which records that have identifiable patients are kept and released by the Department;

d)      a disclaimer that a patient is not required to submit to a medical exam;

e)      the Department to contract out the collection and analysis of the data submitted under this section. 

Annual summary reports furnished by the Department will be made publicly available. 


Current as of June 2015