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Mich. Comp. Laws Ann. § 333.17015 - Guidelines and regulations regarding abortion

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Informed consent; definitions; duties of physician or assistant; location; disclosure of information; view of ultrasound; medical emergency necessitating abortion; duties of department; physician's duty to inform patient; validity of consent or certification form; right to abortion not created; prohibition; portion of act found invalid; duties of local health department; confidentiality


Physicians must comply with a strict informed consent process before performing an abortion. The process requires physicians to disclose information such as the age of the fetus and the risks associated with the abortion procedure. Informed consent may be provided at the location where the abortion is to be performed, at another health care facility, or on the informed consent website operated by the department.


Physicians must document their compliance with the informed consent requirements by obtaining the patient’s signature on two forms that will be placed in the patient’s medical records. The first form confirms that the patient has received a written summary of the abortion procedure, a “medically accurate depiction” of a fetus, and a pamphlet prenatal and parenting at least 24 hours before the scheduled abortion procedure. The second form is an acknowledgment and consent form whereby the patient will attest that they have received the full scope of information and consent to the procedure. Accompanying the forms must be images of the fetus at 2-week intervals until the 28th week of gestation.


If a patient undergoes an ultrasound prior to the abortion, the physician must offer to show the patient the ultrasound image. The informed consent requirements do not apply if a physician determines that it is medically necessary to perform an abortion prior to completing the informed consent process.

Current as of June 2015