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Mich. Comp. Laws Ann. § 333.17013 - Alternative methods of treatment of breast cancer; duty of physician to inform patient; standardized written summary or brochure; form; civil action

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A physician administering primary treatment for breast cancer must provide their patient with information, both orally and in writing, about alternative treatment methods. The physician must also discuss the “advantages, disadvantages, and risks” of chemotherapy, radiology, surgery, and other “generally accepted medical treatments.” Physicians may satisfy this obligation by providing the patient with a standardized summary or brochure issued or approved by the Department of Community Health. Patients that receive the standardized summary or brochure must sign a form indicating their receipt of the information and the form must be placed in the patient’s medical record. Patients that sign this form cannot later bring a suit against the physician for failure to obtain informed consent.

Current as of June 2015