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Mich. Comp. Laws Ann. § 333.10120 - Regulations and guidelines regarding organ donor registries

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The Michigan Secretary of State must maintain an organ donor registry that contains the names of all individuals that opt to participate. The registry must permit electronic access and data transfer to entities such as the organ procurement organizations, tissue banks, and eye banks. These entities must have free access to the name, address, and birth date of registrants at all times.

The identifying information contained on the registry may only be used to determine the status of a donor or prospective donor’s anatomical gift. All other uses of a donor or prospective donor’s identifying information are prohibited without the individual’s consent.

Michigan permits the private establishment of a donor registry so long as the private registry complies with the access and privacy requirements, as discussed above, and gives the organ procurement organization notice of its establishment and access to records within 30 days of its establishment.

Current as of June 2015