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Mass. Gen. Laws. Ann. ch. 176O, § 7 - Information Provided by Carrier Upon Enrollment or Upon Request

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A health insurance carrier must provide the following information to an insured person either upon enrollment or to a prospective consumer upon request:

  1. A list of health care providers organized by location and specialty on the insurer’s website.  The insurer must also provide information about method of compensation, provider’s medical expenses and provider’s quality measures.
  2. Disclaimer statement regarding the consumer rights;
  3. Descriptions about payment, cost, and utilization information.

The health insurance carrier is also required to provide the above information to the Office of Patient Protection within the Department of Public Health.  In addition the insurer must provide the following information to the Office:

  1. A list of sources of independently published information relating to satisfaction and quality evaluation of the insurer;
  2. Statistics on provider termination, amount of premiums spent on health care, and grievances filed against the insurer.

Current as of June 2015