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Mass. Gen. Laws. Ann. ch. 111C, §2 - Statewide EMS system; expectations; purpose

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“Statewide EMS system; expectations; purpose”
The law establishes the procedures and expectations of a statewide EMS system. The department, with assistance of interested parties plans, guides and coordinate programs to:

  1. Ensure the necessary EMS, for all persons requiring the services, including, all special populations, as an integral part of the EMS system;
  2. Ensure an adequate number of EMS vehicles and EMS personnel with appropriate training and experience;
  3. Ensure that each program is integrated into the state's EMS system, coordinated with other hospitals;
  4. Ensure it is accessible to the general public through a commonly known emergency telephone number and, where feasible, the universal emergency telephone number 911;
  5. Provide for planning and coordination and implementation of the EMS system in each region;
  6. Provide for programs of public education, information and prevention in each region;
  7. Provide for a standardized patient data collection system which covers all phases of the EMS system; and
  8. Provide for periodic comprehensive review and evaluation of the EMS provided in each region, which will besubmitted to the department.


Current as of June 2015