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Mass. Gen. Laws. Ann. ch. 111, §25L - Health care workforce center

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“Health care workforce center”
This law establishes a health care workforce center in the department, meant to improve access to health care services. The health care workforce center is responsible for coordinating the department's health care workforce activities with other state agencies and private entities involved in training, recruitment and retention.  It also monitors trends in access to primary care providers, includingnurse practitioners practicing as primary care providers.  The workforce center is meant to establish a criterion that identifiesunderserved areas in the commonwealth for administering the loan repayment program and address health care workforce shortages.  The center is also responsible for maintaining ongoing communication and coordination with the health care quality and cost council, and the health disparities council. As part of this communication, the center shall submit a report annually to the governor, the health care quality and cost council, the health disparities council and the general court, by filing the report with the clerk of the house of representatives, the clerk of the senate, the joint committee on labor and workforce development, the joint committee on health care financing, and the joint committee on public health. The report must include data on patient access, regional disparities in access, factors influencing recruitment and retention of physicians, projections of physician and nurse supply and demand, as well as strategies, recommendations to address workforce needs, shortages, recruitment and retention.

Current as of June 2015