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Ind. Code Ann. § 16-41-14-15 - Confidentiality of information related to testing of semen for communicable diseases

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This law prohibits a person from disclosing information collected while testing donated semen for communicable diseases, and states that such information cannot be made public through subpoena, except when:

  • Release is required for statistical purposes in a way that doesn’t disclose identity of the individual
  • Release is made with written consent of the individual
  • Release is made to the extent necessary to enforce public health laws or to protect an individual’s health or life

When a person discloses the information in violation of this law by recording or reporting this information and recklessly or intentionally disclosing this information, s/he commits a Class A misdemeanor.  The law further states that any public employee who violates this section of the law is subject to dismissal or other disciplinary action by his/her employing agency.

Current as of June 2015