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Ind. Code Ann. § 16-39-7.1-4 - Court orders regarding access to autopsy records

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This law allows a court to issue an order authorizing a person to view/copy a photograph or video of an autopsy, and to listen/copy an audio recording of an autopsy upon showing of good cause.  The law allows the court to restrict this access in any way it considers appropriate.  The law states that the court must consider certain factors in determining whether such good cause exists:

  • Whether disclosure is necessary for public evaluation of the government’s performance
  • How serious the intrusion into the family’s privacy would be
  • Whether other less intrusive means are available
  • Whether similar information is available through other public records

The law requires that the physician who is in custody of the autopsy record directly supervise this viewing/copying/listening to/handling of video or audio recording of the autopsy record.

Current as of June 2015