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Ind. Code Ann. § 16-39-4-3 - Confidentiality of child mental health records provided to school principal

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This law specifies what information a provider must disclose once s/he receives a written request from a parent/guardian to disclose a child’s mental health record to a school principal or leader or to the adult responsible for the provision of mental health services to the child:

  • Summary of patient’s diagnosis
  • Summary of information required to be given to the patient
  • Types of prescribed medication
  • Summary of prognosis

Any school principal/leader who receives such information is required to keep it confidential, and must sign a confidentiality agreement stating that the principal will strictly limit further disclosure to certain necessary school staff members and to the extent necessary to fulfill legal obligations.
The law immunizes a school principal/leader from liability if s/he discloses information from a child’s mental health records according to this law.

Current as of June 2015