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Hospital Requirements for Addressing Unusual Occurrences or Disasters – 410 Ind. Admin. Code 15-1.2-1

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A hospital must have plans to address the review and reporting of unusual occurrences and disasters.  Unusual occurrences or disasters include the following:

  • Patient injury or deterioration following unanticipated circumstances;
  • Chemical poisoning;
  • Loss or theft of a controlled substance;
  • Missing patient.

Hospitals must verbally report the Department of Health within 24 hours, any of the following incidents:

  •          Murder, suicide or kidnapping of an admitted patient;
  •          Reportable infection outbreaks or food poisoning;
  •          Disruption of the safe operation of the hospital. 

A written report on the above incidents may be required by the Department. 

Related Laws:  410 Ind. Admin. Code 15-1.4-2.2

Current as of June 2015