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Hospital Reporting Requirements for Fiscal and Patient Information – Ind. Code Ann. § 16-21-6-7

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Fiscal and patient information reports; personal identification of patients; public inspection; copies

Fiscal reports filed by hospitals may not contain patient identifying information, and must be open to public inspection.  The State Department must provide copies of the reports upon request at the government’s actual cost.  Information that is filed with the State Department’s designated contractor is confidential Patient information reports that are filed with the state Department of Health are not confidential, but must not identify the patient or be used to identify the patient.  Any analysis of patient information that is done by the Department may not be used to identify patients, must be open to public inspection, and be provided to the public.

Related Laws:   Ind. Code § 16-21-6-3; Ind. Code § 16-21-6-6

Current as of June 2015