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Health facilities; reports; data reporting requirements; hospital discharge abstract data record; exemptions from disclosure requirements; liability – Cal. Health & Safety Code § 128735

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Any organization that operates, conducts, owns, or maintains a health care facility, or its officers must report the following: 

  • balance sheet
  • statement of income, expenses, operating surplus or deficit
  • statement of patient revenue by payer
  • statement of cashflows
  • Hospital Discharge Abstract Data Record that includes (for each discharged patient):
    • Date of birth
    • Race
    • Sex
    • Zip code
    • Primary spoken language
    • Social security number
    • Admission date
    • Discharge data
    • Diagnoses at admission
    • Procedures and dates
    • Total charges (defined as all charges for services provided during the length of stay for patient care at the facility, based on the hospital's full established rates. Charges must include daily hospital services, ancillary services and any patient care services. Hospital-based physician fees must be excluded: 22 CCR § 97230)
    • Source of payment

The statute outlines that it is the intent that patient confidentiality not be violated in reporting the above.  The data is also required to be de-identified when disclosing.

Current as of June 2015