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F.S.A. § 395.301

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Itemized patient bill; form and content prescribed by agency

A licensed facility not operated by the state must inform patient at admission and discharge of their right to receive an itemized bill upon request.  If requested, the licensed facility not operated by the state must provide the itemized bill within 7 business days from the patient’s discharge in an easy to understand language.  The facility must also provide the patient’s physician with a copy of the itemized statement upon request, at no charge.  The person receiving the statement must be fully informed of each charge.  Each itemized statement must:

  • Not include charges of hospital-based physicians if billed separately;
  • Not include any generalized category of expenses, such as “other;”
  • List drugs by brand or generic name and not by code;
  • Specifically identify the therapy treatment by date, type, and length of treatment.

In addition, the itemized statement must identify the ownership status of the licensed facility, and must include the phone number of the medical facility’s patient liaison.  In subsequent billings to the initial statement, a patient may request a detailed explanation of the charges. 

Physicians, dentists, podiatric physicians, or licensed facilities may not add to the charges by third-parties, except service or handling charges that was actually incurred. 

Each licensed facility not operated by the state must provide an uninsured individual seeking nonemergency treatment with an estimate of anticipated charges for treatment within 7 business days after the person is verified as being uninsured.  The estimate may include average charges, but allows the facility to charge more if the actual costs exceed the estimate.   The facility must also provide the individual with facility discounts or other discount policies the person may be eligible for.  Failure to provide the estimate will result in a $500 fine for each incident. 

A licensed facility must make available to the patient all records necessary to verify the billed amount within 30 business days after a patient’s request.  The records must be available to the patient before and after payment of the bill.  The facility may not charge the patient for the records, but may impose copying fees. 

All licensed facilities must establish a procedure for answering patient inquiries regarding their itemized bills.  All responses must be provided within 30 days after a question is received. 

Each licensed facility must make available on its website, a link to performance outcome and financial data published by the Agency for Health Care Administration.  The facility must place a notice in its reception area that this information is available electronically, with the website address.

Current as of June 2015