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Florida Statutes § 394.491

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“Guiding principles for the child and adolescent mental health treatment and support system under the Comprehensive Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services Act”

The publicly funded child and adolescent mental health treatment and support system must follow the following principles:

  • The families and surrogate families of children and adolescents should be active participants in the planning, selection, and delivery of mental health treatment services;
  • The system of care should be community based;
  • The system should provide timely access to a comprehensive array of cost-effective mental health treatment and support services;
  • Children and adolescents who receive services should receive individualized services, guided by an individualized service plan;
  • Children and adolescents should receive services that are integrated and linked with schools, residential child-caring agencies, and other child-related agencies and programs;
  • Services must be delivered in a coordinated manner so that a child or adolescent can move through the system of services in accordance with the changing needs of the child or adolescent;
  • The delivery of comprehensive child and adolescent mental health services must enhance the likelihood of positive outcomes;
  • Mental health services for children and adolescents must be provided in a sensitive manner that is responsive to cultural and gender differences and special needs; and
  • Mental health services must be provided without regard to race, religion, national origin, gender, physical disability, or other characteristics.

Current as of June 2015