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Establishment and Requirements of the Health Care Technology Fund - Mo. Rev. Stat. § 208.975

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The statute provides for the creation of a Health Care Technology Fund (the Fund) to support health information technology (HIT) efforts in the state.  According to the statute, the Fund shall be administered by the Department of Social Services, in accordance with the recommendations of MO HealthNet, for the purpose of promoting technological advances to improve patient care, decrease administrative burdens, increase access to timely services, and increase patient and health care provider satisfaction.  Technologies promoted through the Fund shall include, but are not limited to the following:  

(1) Electronic medical records;

(2) Community health records;

(3) Personal health records;

(4) E-prescribing;

(5) Telemedicine;

(6) Telemonitoring; and

(7) Electronic access for participants and providers to obtain MO HealthNet service authorizations.

Also, MO HealthNet will establish rules and criteria for the disbursement of funds under this section.  Disbursed funds shall include, but are not limited to, grants to community health networks and health care entities where the majority of the patients and clients served are either participants of MO HealthNet or are from the medically underserved population.

Current as of June 2015