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Disclosure for law enforcement purposes, N.D. Cent. Code, § 23-01.3-06

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Disclosure for law enforcement purposes
Permits public health officials to disclose protected health information for law enforcement purposes when such information is necessary for an investigation and law enforcement cannot satisfy their investigative need through non-identifiable information or other sources of information. Public health officials must utilize safeguards when disclosing PHI as a means of ensuring confidentiality and preventing improper use of the information. Prohibits PHI disclosed for law enforcement purposes from being used in legal proceedings against the individual unless the action is related to the investigation that necessitated the disclosure. Requires law enforcement to return or destroy PHI upon conclusion of the investigation or legal proceeding and to redact—if possible— PHI when publicly disclosing material in legal proceedings. Clarifies that this section does not impede access to PHI when in hot pursuit of a suspect.