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Collaborative Pharmacist Care, 059-0001-20 Wyo. Code R. § 5

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Collaborative Pharmacist Care
Requires pharmacists that engage in a collaborative practice to have a signed, Board of Pharmacy approved collaborative practice agreement on file at their place of practice. Specifies the information that the agreement must include (e.g., names of the practitioner and pharmacist entering the agreement, the types of medication therapy management (MTM) decisions that the pharmacist may make, methods for the practitioner to monitor agreement compliance and clinical outcomes, etc.). Permits pharmacists to provide MTM only upon receiving a written order from a practitioner. Specifies the information this order must include (e.g., patient name, medical diagnosis, method of communication between the practitioner and pharmacist, etc.). Requires pharmacists to obtain a patient’s written consent before providing MTM. Requires pharmacists to review, renew, and obtain Board of Pharmacy approval of their collaborative practice agreement at least annually.

Current as of January 2019