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Child immunization reporting system, A.R.S. § 36-135

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“Child immunization reporting system; requirements; access; confidentiality; immunity; violation; classification; definitions”
The department of health services must administer the child immunization reporting system as a means of collecting and analyzing immunization data. Licensed health care professionals must report child immunizations to the system on a weekly or monthly basis. Such reports must include the child’s name, address, gender, date of birth, and mother’s maiden name. The professional must report the child’s social security number if the number is known is not confidential. Reports must also include the professional’s name and business contact information as well as the type of vaccine and the date of the vaccination.
Arizona classifies as confidential all identifying information maintained in the system. The department may release an individual’s identifying information to that individual, their parent or guardian, or their health care decision maker. The department may also release identifying information to health care providers, licensed insurance entities, the Arizona health care cost containment system, school officials that are authorized to receive immunization information, and business associates of a health care provider that agree to the maintain confidentiality of the information in compliance with HIPAA.
Health care providers that disclose information as permitted by this section are immune from civil or criminal liability. Violations of this section by health care providers are considered acts of unprofessional conduct. Persons that re-disclose confidential information without authorization are criminally liable for a class 3 misdemeanor.