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Abortions; reporting requirements, A.R.S. § 36-2161

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“Abortions; reporting requirements”
Arizona requires hospitals and other health care facilities to report abortions performed within the hospital or facility to the department of health services. Abortion reports must identify the facility’s name, address, county, and type (e.g., abortion clinic). Reports must include the woman’s age, educational background, county and state of residence, ethnicity, marital status, pregnancy and abortion history, miscarriages, the gestational age of the aborted fetus, and the reason for the abortion (e.g., health concerns). The report may not include the woman’s name. Hospitals and facilities must also include information regarding the procedure used for the abortion. The department of health services will establish an internet portal to receive reports. Facilities must use this portal unless they obtain a waiver from the department that permits filing through another method.