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17 DCMR § 4612 - Standards of Conduct

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A licensed physician must maintain an accurate medical record for each patient and must be retained for at least 3 years from the last contact or for 3 years from when a minor reaches 18 years of age. 

A licensed physician must provide a patient with a copy of his or her medical record within 30 days of the request.   However, a provider may give the patient a summary of the record in lieu of providing the whole medical record if the patient consents.  A physician may also charge reasonable copying fees and may be required to be paid before the records are given to the patient in non-emergency situations.  

If a patient’s record contains mental health information, the physician must comply with the DC Mental Health Information Act in providing the patient or guardian with medical record information. 

A physician may not provide a minor’s medical record to a parent, guardian or representative without the minor’s consent if consent is required by law. 

A physician may not perform procedures he or she is not competent to perform. 

A physician may not abandon a patient without providing sufficient notice to the patient to procure additional care. 

A physician may not willfully or carelessly disregard the health or safety of the patient. 

A physician must conform to the standards imposed by the Board of Medicine or peer review panel appointed by the Board.    

Current as of June 2015