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12-6 Vt. Code R. 2:6 - Definitions and general policies under the Agency of Human Services regulations

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“Definitions and general policies under the Agency of Human Services regulations”

An intermediate care facility for the developmentally disabled must ensure the civil rights of all residents.  Each resident must be fully informed of his rights and responsibilities and must acknowledge in writing that he received the information.  A resident has the following rights:

  • Each resident’s records be treated confidentially and only disclosed with written consent.
  • Be fully informed by a physician of his health and medical condition;
  • Be given the opportunity to participate in planning his total care and medical treatment;
  • Be given the opportunity to refuse treatment;
  • Give informed, written consent before participating in experimental research;
  • Be discharged or transferred only for medical reasons, his welfare or that of other residents, or nonpayment;
  • Freedom from abuse and restraints. The facility must have written policies that prohibit mistreatment, neglect, or abuse of a resident by an employee.  Violations of these policies must be reported immediately and investigated.


Current as of June 2015