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114.1. Mass. Code Regs. 17.04. - Data Submission Requirements

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“Data Submission Requirements”
Requires hospitals to submit required data in accordance with the requirements of the Data Submission Specification Manuals, which set forth the required data file format, record specifications, data elements, definitions, code tables and edit specifications for each database. This data must be submitted directly to the Division. The Division will review each hospital data submission in accordance with the edit specifications mentioned in the Data Submission Specification Manuals and prepare edit reports.
Hospitals must correct and resubmit rejected data until it is notified that the submission has been accepted. A hospital may amend its data submission by requesting Division approval to resubmit case mix data files. The Division will provide each hospital with a summary reports of the data submitted for its review and verification. The purpose of the verification process is to provide the hospital an opportunity to correct and resubmit data or to provide comments that can explain discrepancies identified by the hospital prior to the creation of the public data. During the verification process, the hospital must resubmit its data no later than 30 days following the date of the notice to resubmit.
The Division may, for good cause, grant an extension in time to a hospital for submitting inpatient, outpatient observation, or outpatient emergency department discharge data.

Current as of June 2015