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105. Mass. Code Regs. 340.100. - Case Reporting and Actions

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“Case Reporting and Actions”
Whenever any household member, physician, laboratory and other officials designated by the Department becomes aware of, or has reason to believe that, a person within his/her household, his/her care, or for whom clinical testing is being performed, is infected with a sexually transmitted disease he or she must report the case within 24 hours directly to the Department. The health care provider will immediately place the person under appropriate therapy acceptable to the medical community to ensure that the person is no longer infectious and will ultimately be cured.The health care provider will counsel the infected person as to the nature of the infection and instruct him/her in appropriate means of preventing transmission or reinfection. All case reports to the Department must be strictly confidential and not be disclosed except under the limited circumstances stated therein. For example, disease investigators will not divulge to any contact the names or identifying information relating to any case.

Current as of June 2015