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105. Mass. Code Regs. 302.080. - Quality Assurance

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“Quality Assurance”
Physicians and health care facility must allow the Congenital Anomalies Registry to inspect and copy such parts of a patient's medical records, paper and electronic, that are necessary to verify the accuracy and completeness of submitted data to assure quality of submitted data. Only those portions of the medical records that contain specific information required to be reported under 105 CMR 302.000, are to be forwarded to the Congenital Anomalies Registry. Other portions of the medical record not relevant should be deleted, masked or crossed out. The Congenital Anomalies Registry must store securely with restricted access all attained copies of the medical records. These records must not be re-copied by the Registry and must be destroyed promptly following verification of the corresponding reported data.

Current as of June 2015