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104. Mass. Code Regs. 27.18. - Interpreter Services

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“Interpreter Services”
The law establishes the meanings for the following words for purposes of 104 CMR 27.18:  (a) Competent Interpreter Services (b) Facility (c) Non-English Speaker.It further states that a facility delivering impatient service must provide competent interpreter services to every non-English speaking patient. The facility depending on the volume and diversity of non-English speaking patients can employ, or contract interpreters.
A facility shall only use competent telephonic or televiewing interpreter service when: (a)there is no reasonable way to anticipate the need for employed or contracted interpreters for a particular language; (b) an inability to provide competent services by an employed or contracted interpreter. Interpreter services must be available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The facility cannot encourage use of family members as interpreters and shall not except in exceptional circumstances use minor children as interpreters. The facility shall have signs notifying patients of their right to an interpreter. The facility shall have written policies and procedures consistent 104 CMR 27.18.

Current as of June 2015